Using Beatport LINK

Connecting Beatport LINK to the Denon DJ Players and Controllers gives you access to the expertly curated content without the need of a laptop. Unleash your creativity and get started by following the steps below.

Getting Started

  1. Open “Utility”
  2. Scroll Down to “Integration”
  3. Switch “Beatport” to “On”
  4. Exit “Utility”
  5. Click “Library”
  6. Select “Beatport LINK”
  7. Enter Credentials and Press “Login”

Search The Beatport Catalogue

  1. Click the “Search icon” (magnifying glass located on the right of the screen)
  2. Select Artist
  3. Type (Artist Name) 
  4. Select “Track”
  5. Load Track into the Deck

Get Inspired and Challenge Your Creativity

  1. Explore expertly curated content to help you get started, or to further expand your collection
  2. Adding curated content is simple. Click the pink dropdown button and select Add to Playlist