Using Beatport LINK

To connect Beatport LINK to rekordbox, you will need a rekordbox dj license. This will allow you to access the performance features and let you perform with a compatible controller.

Getting Started

  1.  Open rekordbox in Performance mode
  2.  Click Login next to the Beatport folder
  3.  Enter your Beatport credentials with an active Beatport LINK Subscription
  4.  On successful login, you will be able to access the Beatport Catalog

Searching the Beatport Catalog

  1. Click the Beatport root folder on rekordbox
  2. Enter the track name, label or artist in the top right Search Box
  3. Select the track from the Beatport Catalog search results
  4. Load into one of the Decks and you are ready to play

Using Beatport Offline Locker

  1. Find a track from the Beatport Catalog
  2. Right-click on the track to add to Beatport Locker, and select Store Offline
  3. The track will be downloaded and available in the Beatport Locker folder
  4.  Analyze the track and you will be ready to perform without WiFi

Get Inspired and Challenge Your Creativity

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