A professional DJ performance software that takes you way beyond track management with a full range of creative, intuitive and customized tools for getting the most out of your library with professional sound quality & Lowest latency in the business.


rekordbox dj software has HID support to allow you to play from your laptop using a CDJ or XDJ set-up. It also works seamlessly with a vast range of DJ controllers out of the box.

WeDJ offers a colorful, animated 2-channel interface, featuring waveforms, jog wheels, play/cue buttons, tempo sliders, and a crossfader. When you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, connect the DDJ-200 smart DJ controller for tactile control of the app’s features.

VirtualDJ delivers more features than any other software. The latest groundbreaking technology is always available in VirtualDJ first! With VirtualDJ you’re guaranteed to be ahead of the curve with the latest high-tech and innovative features.

With its integrated video DJ Academy, interactive help, Intelligent Music Assistant and BeatMatch Guides system, DJUCED is the right software for your first steps into the world of DJing. Learn how to set up Beatport LINK in DJUCED.

More partnerships will be
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We are currently working with all major DJ Performance Software & Hardware companies to bring you the world-class features of the Beatport LINK.


Check this space regularly to find out more information about the new Beatport LINK integrations.